Lease To Own Process

Are you interested in owning your own home instead of renting? We understand that in a downturn economy, lending can be difficult for some to qualify for and obtain. Even if you do not have enough money or credit to purchase a home outright, you may qualify for our lease purchase opportunity.

Step 1: Search our properties

Red Dot House Management aims to make the experience as easy and worry free as possible. Once you find a property of interest, you may inquire about the property by calling us at (302) 268-9101. One of our associates will answer any questions you might have about the property and will also provide you with an access code to view the property in person.

Step 2: Send your application for approval

Once you find a home, complete an applications and send in your application, ID, and proof of income. Once all documents are received by the office, it usually takes 2-4 business days for us to process your application and follow up.

Qualification Requirements:

Step 3: Lease to Own Contract

We will email or fax your lease purchase contract to you. We can accept electronic copies of signatures on all of our contracts, so you may return them to us by email or fax. Upon receipt of the signed contract, we will countersign and return the contract you.

Step 4: Make move-in fee Payment

We require the move-in fee payment to be paid in order to reserve the property. There are several different accepted methods for you to Make A Payment, contact your associate for assistance.

Step 5: Move In

Upon receiving your signed contract, your lease is effective and you may move into the property.

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* Disclaimer: All seller financed properties are sold "AS IS" "WHERE IS" condition. This does not mean that there is necessarily anything wrong with the home. It only means that the seller will not be making any changes to the home prior to the sale of the home. The seller will also not be making any guarantees, or warranties in regard to the condition of the home. No statement anywhere, whether express or implied, shall be deemed a warranty or representation by Red Dot House Management LLC regarding the property. Pictures of the property contained herein may not be current and may not accurately reflect the condition of the property at any future date. Buyer should determine the condition of the property by physical inspection prior to purchase. We strongly encourage you to inspect your home prior to making a down payment.